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Microplastics Vs Bioplastics... it's a no-brainer for the environment, but how is quality effected?

Plastics & Polymers expert Harrison discusses the clear advantage of using high-quality bioplastics over microplastics, emphasizing the need for a shift towards sustainable alternatives to combat plastic pollution.

Soon Plastics, Not Fuel, Could Dictate the Price of Oil.

Ok, let’s not get off on the wrong foot by you thinking badly of me. I might be using some poetic license in the title with soon. However, it is expected that countries and oil producers are beginning to prioritise the production of plastics and building refineries dedicated to petrochemicals, as opposed to producing oil products like petroleum or diesel that power our vehicles.

Healthcare industry faces a single-use Plastic Pandemic

Plastics are booming thanks to COVID – and healthcare is a major driver of this boom, from the massive demand for vaccine syringes to the increased use of PPE and the widespread belief that single-use plastics are resistant to COVID transmission. But over 100 scientists from 18 countries, including epidemiologists, virologists, doctors, biologists, and chemists,

Hear from the leading Plastics & Polymers experts themselves

Re-purposing Plastics with Peter Hedger Jr

Harrison sits down with the Vice President of Business Development at the Composite Applications Group to discuss plastics sustainability and how repurposing plastics may be the key to greener industries.

Rethinking Plastics with Herwig Juster

Harrison meets with the Founder of FindOutAboutPlastics.com and the Director of Sales & Product Manager at Plastformance to explain how Plastics can be the answer to many sustainability issues.

The Pandemic’s Impact on Plastics & Chemicals with Wissam Berrak

Harrison and Wissam Berrak, Global Marketing Leader at Trinseo discuss the impact the global pandemic has had on the Plastics and Chemical’s industries.

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Harrison McVeigh Carroll

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Olivier C. Sustainable flexible Packaging solution provider

Considering the global environment, with the COVID crisis, Harrison and I went true a long journey with consistent action. The fair wording of Harrison has been a key point to put in success our work and Harrison has been a wonderful person to work with and succeed. I did appreciate the human being and professional flair of Harrison during all steps of the work process we went true. Highly professional head hunter for me and I do recommend if tou want to boost your career and upgrade your future.

Christian Breitbarth Market Development Engineer

Harrison is a very professional and helpful recruiter. Through the entire application process he supported and advised me. It is really great to have received this fantastic job due to him. It was a pleasure. Thanks again for the amazing support.

Andreas Kleist HR Director Alliance Healthcare

Very positive experience, working with you. Always on top of things, following-up, proactive and a great personal connect.The fair wording of Harrison has been a key point to put in success our work and Harrison has been a wonderful person to work with and succeed. I did appreciate the human being and professional flair of Harrison during all steps of the work process we went true. Highly professional head hunter for me and I do recommend if tou want to boost your career and upgrade your future.

Christine Leitner Sales Manager AT/CH bei Dura-Line

Harrison was very supportive during the recruiting process and always in contact with me. He also helped me negotiating important contract details and supported me in the decision making! I really appreciated working with him and can recommend him warmest. The fair wording of Harrison has been a key point to put in success our work and Harrison has been a wonderful person to work with and succeed. I did appreciate the human being and professional flair of Harrison during all steps of the work process we went true. Highly professional head hunter for me and I do recommend if tou want to boost your career and upgrade your future. BR OC

Prioritising People Over Profits

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Harrison McVeigh Carroll

Business Consultant - Innovative Technologies

What’s your area of expertise?

Plastics & Packaging

What do you enjoy about the sector?

I enjoy working within a market where all the products are in our day to day lives. Whether it’s the TV remote, Plastic bumpers on our cars or packaging on our lunch – each day I am always coming into contact with products manufactured by companies who I work with in my day job.

It has always been a passion of mine to work with companies with sustainable outlook on the industry, and right now in the plastics industry it has never been more important. So I get a real added thrill when I know the hire that I am making is a small movement towards the whole industry becoming more green.

Types of Roles Filled

I have been able to use my expertise and network across the sector to complete a multitude of assignments from mid management to executive level. These have included working in:


  • Operations
  • Commercial
  • Human Resources
  • Production
  • Finance and Global Business Leadership positions.

Clients you’ve worked with?

  • Orion Engineered Carbons
  • Jindal Films
  • Audia Group
  • Interpolimeri
  • Avient
  • Dura-Line
  • Kuraray
  • Victrex
  • Technoform
  • Mitsubishi Chemical
  • Achilles USA
  • Saurer Components
  • Synventive Molding Solutions
  • Brentwood Industries Inc
  • Sonoco
  • Fenner Precision Polymers

Geographies you’ve placed people in?

I work globally and across my career, I have placed on all continents– from Australia to locally in Yorkshire! I can adapt my search using the tools we have to source candidates or if it Is a new region for myself, lean on our talented and experienced team in-house to offer me guidance and finally my network of Senior Candidates offer me go-to advice to ensure I am speaking to the right people in the right companies before each search.

Prioritising People Over Profits

Not every search is easy, what do you do when things get challenging?

Difficult searches are a niche which are a challenge I relish. Clients can fill straightforward roles themselves, so when outsourcing with me I need to ensure I am able to fill difficult positions in order to build and develop partnerships and relationships with clients.

When things get tough leaning on Key Opinion Leaders I am in contact with within the industry has really helped in the past. They are Senior level professionals, who help and guidance lead me to uncover the gem we are looking for which often isn’t on LinkedIn!

How does the “Pivot way” help you add value to searches?

The Pivot Way has allowed me to tailor my recruitment process around my own strengths. We are not like many of my competitors being forced to work long daunting hours in a call centre-like conditions. Instead, I am free to operate from where I want and when I want. This led to my productivity increasing significantly.

Not having monthly targets rigidly set like many exec search firms across the country, I can work with my candidates and clients to ensure the process is finalised once both sides are happy and everything is in line. Not showing the process over the line to keep management satisfied and leaving small print contracts for candidates to worry about at a later date.

Prioritising People Over Profits

We invest in

then you reap the

We’re changing the way people think about recruitment.


Offering our recruiters flexibility, autonomy, trust and innovation means that we’ve attracted and handpicked some of the most successful recruiters that industries have to offer who have a track record of working globally.


So, by partnering with Pivot you’re guaranteed an expert in your market and someone you can trust to deliver results.


The way we treat our staff has a direct impact on you. Our recruiters are healthier, more productive and completely value-led.

This means that they are highly motivated to deliver consistent results and are people you will enjoy partnering with.

Every business is unique, and so are you. That’s why we won’t be showing you a process on the following pages.

Instead, we’ll show you how we provide flexible, bespoke solutions based on your needs, supported by our values and innovation.

Prioritising People Over Profits

Innovative tech,
to engage talent and
search efficiently.

We’ve invested in pioneering recruitment technology to help us adapt our approach to the search you need.

Engage More Candidates

Our next generation candidate engagement tool allows us to send personalised video messages. This increases response rates by 450%, with multiple candidates telling us how ‘cool’, ‘innovative’ and ‘engaging’ our approach is. This is one reason our recruiters are standing out right now, and will give you access to more engaged, top tier candidates.

Unearth Hidden Talent

We engage with candidatesthat our competitors don’tfind, thanks to investing ininnovative tech which helpsus access exceptional peoplewhose details aren’t availablein the public domain. Givingyour search the full picture.

Save Time on Shortlists

Let us bring the first stageinterview to you, with our video shortlist hub. This gives youeverything you need in oneeasy-to-access place: videointerviews, supporting details,CVs and more.

Our Recruitment Process

Sourcing Candidates

  1. Maximise candidate identification by using value-added innovative technology
  2. Market mapping to optimise the identification of passive & active candidates
  3. Qualify candidates to ensure they are suitable and willing to move

Candidate Engagement

  1. Utilise video to increase engagement. Provide an in-depth insight into the company, and differentiate yourself in a candidate-led market

  2. Increase your company’s credibility and visibility through branded content to increase engagement and interest

  3. Communicate with candidates to ensure they understand the role, company and why they should work for you

Process Management

  1. Utilise our centralised interactive candidate portal to introduce candidates efficiently via video

  2. Focus resources into the right places to maximise efficiency

  3. Communicate a job offer to the candidate with accurate information

  4. Management of candidate expectations

Post Acceptance

Placement is not complete just when a candidate

  1. Managing candidates to acceptance and through counter offer scenarios

  2. Maintain regular communication with candidates pre commencement

  3. Post commencement make sure the candidate is integrating well into the company and the role

Prioritising People Over Profits

Partner with Pivot,
and discover
exceptional people.

Our flexible, modern working environment has attracted successful recruiters from around the UK.

So, while Pivot works in multiple markets, you can be sure that you’re working with an expert who knows your specific market inside-out.

Many of our recruiters have 5+ years experience in their niche.

Add to that the advantage of our pioneering industry tools and you’ve got a real head-start on your competitors.

We can’t wait to get started. Partner with us and embark on a valueled search based on flexibility autonomy, trust & innovation.

So, lets go. Pivot your recruitment strategy and find exceptional people to shape your business.

Prioritising People Over Profits

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